Things I wouldn’t travel without

I have a few things that I bring with me on all my travels regardless if I’m going away over the weekend or for two weeks. Below I’ve listed four things and one app that I always use on my travels.

Aer Travel Pack

The most significant thing I use when traveling is my Aer backpack. I use the Aer Travel Pack version 1 for the majority of the trips I take due to the fact that it is small enough to be used as a carry-on but big enough to sustain me even on longer trips. It has a capacity of 33 liters which is a fair amount and it was the only bag I brought with me during the 10 days across central Europe trip I took this summer and the pack held both my stuff and clothes for 7-8 days.

The pack has a good amount of pockets and even a separate shoe compartment so that you can have shoes or dirty clothes separated from the rest of your things. There is also a compartment for your laptop (you can easily fit a 15″ laptop) and a small quick access pocket up on top which is probably one of my favorite features. It is very comfortable which has been important during trips where I’ve moved from city to city a lot and with the second version of the backpack, Aer have added the possibility to add a hip belt which I think will make the bag even easier to carry around.

The first version which I own costs $220 and the new version costs just $10 more so if you are in the market for a new carry-on sized backpack check them both out on Aer’s website.

Aer Travel Pack leaning against a white wall.

Aceton Packing Cubes

After Interrailing in Italy last summer I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy traveling light with just my backpack, but doing this, however, is not always easy. Like this summer when I traveled by bus through central Europe for ten days and didn’t have access to a washer for the first eight days. That meant that I had to pack enough clothes for eight days no knowing what weather or temperatures I would encounter (there was everything from massive downpours to over 32°C in the shade). To manage this I used another product that started as a Kickstarter campaign, the Aceton Packing Cubes.

Aceton Compression Packing Cube

This product had a rocky start with the first batches of packing cubes coming off the production line had a lot of issues, mine included. Almost instantly when just test packing you could see tears in the seems. But after contacting them like a lot of other people did they quickly replied that replacements were on their way. The new ones had a better feel and didn’t show any signs of tearing when packing them full, probably even more than they are supposed to.

If you do want to get a pair of these packing cubes despite their somewhat troubled past head on over to Aceton to order yours.

Anker PowerCore+

If you travel with a lot of tech like me, usually a phone, a smartwatch, and a laptop, you know how inconvenient it can be when you are without a charge on one of the devices. That is why I carry an Anker PowerCore+ external battery with 20100mAh. The beauty of this battery is not only the great capacity but it can also charge my 2016 MacBook via USB-C. So that moment when you need to charge your device but there are no power outlets nearby this can really save you. Read more about this product on

Anker PowerPort+

For those moments when there is a power outlet close by or at the hotel, I use another Anker product. The PowerPort+ 5-port USB charger. It features 1 USB-C port that I use to charge my laptop or Nintendo Switch and 4 USB-A ports for charging phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Being able to charge 5 devices at once with just one wall outlet is often really helpful and means I can charge all the devices in one location instead of having them spread out all across the apartment or hotel room. Read more about this product on

Sygic Travel App

I would say that without the Sygic Travel app I would only see about half of all the things I manage to see during my travels. It also is great when you are in front of something but have no idea what it is, this happened once in Riga, turned out it was an old skyscraper now used as a panorama view-point.

The app lets you see what is located around you as well as plan your days and future trips. You can find templates of trips or create your own. When planning a day the places you want to go to orders in a strategic way so you don’t have to run back and forth. Most places also tell you how much time you would generally need at the location and how you need to walk/travel in between so that you can plan as many activities as you think you can work into one day.

The app is free but has a premium version for a few dollars, if you are interested in trying it for your next trip head on over to the Sygic Travel website or click here to check it out in the App Store.

Day planned in Sygic Travel App

If you have any items you think I should check out let me know in the comments.

Travel plans through central Europe

Our travel for this summer vacation has been planned and we are now booking the last accommodations and tickets needed. Our plan is to see a little bit of up to five cities in five countries in ten days. This means that we’ll have an intense schedule and we’ll have to manage our time well to be able to get the most out of every place we visit.

We plan on visiting Krakow in Poland, Brno in the Czech republic, Bratislava in Slovakia, Vienna in Austria and Budapest in Hungary.

As we will be moving between quite a lot of places how well it all works out will depend on the transportation in between the cities. My hope is that we can at least get a sense of each place, try some food and see some interesting things along the way.

I would like to write something short after we leave each city and I have ordered some Moment lenses for my phone so if they arrive in time I’ll be bringing them to take some pictures to go with each post.

We’ll start our trip in the middle of July so around the 20th the first post should be uploaded unless something unexpected happens.

If you’ve been to any of these countries and have any tips for what we shouldn’t miss while being away do not hesitate to write a comment below.